Middle School Building 10

Savannah Christian Preparatory School - Savannah, Georgia

17,000 sf



K-12 Education, New Construction, Renovation
About This Project

Faced with a time crunch, Savannah Christian tapped CMA to assist with developing an economical, creative way to provide facilities for the expanding Middle School program on the Chatham Parkway campus.   Given an extremely tight schedule, portable temporary classrooms were originally considered, however, CMA proposed repurposing and expanding an abandoned, deteriorating, mid-century dormitory located on the edge of campus. CMA worked closely with the Campus and the Contractor, with Building 10 designed and built using a fast-track approach. Design began in September 2016, with construction completed in July 2017 — in time for the new academic year.  The existing structure required total renovation and was doubled from 8,500SF to 17,000SF to house 9 core Classrooms and 3 Science Labs with support spaces. Contending with 9’-0” floor-to-floor constraints in the existing structure, building systems were carefully integrated by the use of soffits and chases. Provisions were made during design for future expansion as well.

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